Athletics FAQs

How do I begin to participate?

Hopefully, you were able to sign up during an informational meeting held by a building level AD or a program Head Coach.  If you didn’t, never fear.  Just contact the Head Coach of your favorite sports and they will tell you what to do to get started. Most of the programs have a lot going on outside of their seasonal time frame.  These activities can include camps, clinics, open gyms, open fields, weight lifting, conditioning and team bonding fun!

Where do I find a list of coaches?

On this website, click on STAFF & COACH DIRECTORY. The names of the Varsity Head Coaches will be listed.  If you hover over the envelope beside the coach’s name it will show the contact email for him/her.  If you click on “more details” you will find a bio for the coach.  You can also “hover” over Fall Sports, Winter Sports, or Spring Sports at the top of the page which will give you a list of that season’s athletic teams. If you click on a sport it will take you to that team’s home page and have that specific team’s coaches’ information, email, and social media contacts.

What role does Sportsmanship play in Oak Hills Athletics?

We pride ourselves for the classy way we compete and act.  Your actions are always being noticed. We expect that you work and cheer as hard as you can...and compete even harder! We don’t appreciate trash talk, back talk or showboating.  We are all members of the Oak Hills team.

Whatever you do in an Oak Hills uniform will reflect on the entire student-body and community.   We expect parents to be supportive and to CHEER LIKE CRAZY!  There is never a time where yelling at kids or coaches from other teams will be appreciated.  The officials of contests work hard and should be shown respect as well.

What are my eligibility requirements?

To be eligible to play athletics in High School you must pass five 1 Credit academic classes. Physical Education is NOT a full-credit class.  Your grades at the end of EACH Quarter are the grades that matter to the Ohio High School Athletic Association.  Semester grades or exams or yearly grades or exams DO NOT count for eligibility purposes. Make sure that you check your schedule and that you are taking ENOUGH classes!  If you have questions, see your Guidance Counselor!

What do I need to turn in or complete before participating?

You need to fill in several forms online. The forms are filled out electronically.  Each athlete will need to register online at Final Forms.  DO NOT TURN THESE FORMS INTO THE ATHLETIC OFFICE.

You will also need up to date physical forms. All physical forms need to be signed by a physician and turned in HARD COPY to the Athletic Office or to your Coach. We recommend keeping a copy of the physical in case you need it for something else throughout the year. The State of Ohio requires a valid physical exam to be on file for all athletes. You may NOT participate without it. NO EXCEPTIONS!

You may not participate in any off-season training/workouts, tryouts, or official practices at any time without Final Forms completed and an up to date physical turned in to the Athletic Office!

Why do I need an emergency medical form? So that our coaches and trainers know exactly what to do with you if you are injured. These forms provide valuable parental information in the event that something happens when your family is not present.

How do I create or access a Final Forms parent / student account?

Click on FORMS in this section. You will see Final Forms Parent Information which has the instructions on how to register your student, and you will also see Final Forms Online Site link which takes you to the home page for Final Forms.

Where can I access blank physical forms for my student?

Click on FORMS in this section. Various athletic forms are listed on the page and to access them just click on the name of the form.  

Is there a participation fee for Athletics?

Yes.  For High School, the fee is $160 per sport, per student.  For Middle School, the fee is $135 per sport, per student.  The Cheerleading Fee is $80 per season for High School and $55 per season for Middle School.  Matscots, Academic Team and Chess Team are also required to pay a participation fee of $60 for the season.

The fee is charged by the school district to partially offset the costs of providing a comprehensive extra-curricular program. This fee must be paid IN FULL before participating in ANY Athletic Contest.

Notice, it is called pay to participate. This does not imply that everybody gets equal playing time or that you are even GUARANTEED playing time. You made the team, now, go get it!

Are there training rules that must be followed?

We have a seasonal policy as it relates to alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Simply put, don't drink alcohol, don't take drugs, and don't smoke. If you do and you are caught, you will be forced to miss a minimum of 20% of your sports season.  Why work so hard for so long and then put it in jeopardy?  

Where do I get team schedules?

On this website click on SCHEDULES or CALENDAR. Click on the season of the sport and then click on the specific sport. Schedules will be updated as completed in the Athletic Department.  If you need information far in advance because of vacation planning or for some other reason, you can always stop in, call or email the Athletic Office and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Where do I find locations of the venues for the athletic events?

On this website click on DIRECTIONS at the top of the page.  There is a link for Event Locations to most of the places where we compete.  Google Maps is also a great place to start. There is also a link to the event location on the individual team's Schedule page.

Where can I find the Alternate Transportation Form?

All students riding to an athletic event on a bus with the team are required to come home on the same bus.  Should a parent/guardian have a reason to transport his/her own child to or from a contest, they will be required to fill out the Alternate Transportation Form.  On this website click on FORMS & RESOURCES. Various athletic forms are listed on the FORMS page. Just click on the form you may need.

Can I play multiple sports during the school year?

ABSOLUTELY. We encourage that. We want you to do as much as you can. Fight for Oak Hills, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! The Oak Hills Boosters and other organizations offer several scholarships to deserving seniors before graduation...and those who excel in a number of ways always have a leg up on the competition.  Additionally, our coaches will work together to make sure you can have the best possible experience representing the Highlanders on different fronts.

What is the coaching emphasis at the freshman level?

Winning comes into play more at this level than in Middle School, however, the main focus is to develop better kids, better skills and better competitors. There is no rule that says every participant must play the same amount of time or that every participant must even play. However, all of our coaches do a pretty darn good job of involving everybody on the roster.

How often do teams practice and where do they practice?

With the exception of Cheerleading, Chess and AQT, our teams practice virtually every day. You can expect 2 hours to be the norm. Some may be shorter and at times they go a little longer. Most of our teams are at Oak Hills for all of their practices, however, the following have a little moving around to do: Most freshman baseball games and practices are at Bridgetown Middle School. Bowling calls Western Bowl home. The Golf teams operate from various golf courses and Gymnastics also practices at off site facilities.  Soccer will practice at Oak Hills or Rapid Run.  Our JV “B” Soccer teams will also utilize Miami Whitewater or Kuliga Park.  Cross Country generally starts at Oak Hills, but will also use some of the local parks and safe areas for running.

How are teams chosen at Oak Hills?

We have sports that "cut" and sports that don't "cut". In those that cut, our coaches do their best to keep the very best kids in the program. They try to look at the big picture, both today and in the future. Some freshman will get opportunities to participate on Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. As a freshman, you will mostly compete with other freshman to get a spot in a program. As you get older, you will be competing with kids from a larger range of grades. Each coach looks for different things when it comes time to select a team.

How do try-outs work? Each coach has a little different way of approaching try-outs and will share that with each student during informational meetings. Most try-outs will last anywhere from a couple of days to a full week. We encourage the coaches to be honest in their evaluations of strengths and weaknesses and to communicate with the kids in a face to face fashion.

Why are fewer seniors on rosters than any other grade?

There are a number of reasons for this. First, by the Varsity level, we are still focusing on developing kids, but we are also more focused on winning. We would say that winning is a goal of every Coach and player we have at that level. As a general rule the best players play most of the time at the Varsity level. This is where we all hope that years of hard work pay off in terms of advancement through tournament play. We all hope to do our best. As team members get older, they will make decisions as to whether or not a particular sport is worth all of the time and effort it requires. How much will they play? As you get older, you will also be forced to compete with Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors for a position. It is natural to have fewer seniors than freshmen and is common virtually everywhere.

How do I get a Family Sports Pass to attend all of the games?

You must purchase the Black, Silver or Platinum Packages through the Oak Hills Boosters.  To access on this website click on  ATHLETIC BOOSTERS at the top of the page.  Then click GET INVOLVED and then click MEMBERSHIP ONLINE PAYMENT.  This will describe all packages available, but only the Black, Silver or Platinum Packages include the Family Passes.

How do I get a Student Sports Pass?

A Student Sports Pass may be purchased with cash, check, or credit card for just $55 in the Athletic Office located near the front entrance of Oak Hills High School.  They will also be available for purchase at Schedule Pick-Up on August 7th in the Commons.  You can download a form located on this website under FORMS & RESOURCES to bring in with payment.  You can also purchase a Student Sports Pass through EZ Pay online. The passes can be picked up in the Athletic Office or will be delivered when school begins.

How do I get an Adult or Adult Senior Sports Pass?

An Adult Sports Pass may be purchased using cash, check, or credit card for $100 and an Adult Senior (age 60 and older) Sports Pass for $75 in the Athletic Office located near the front entrance of Oak Hills High School.  You can download an order form located on this website under FORMS & RESOURCES to bring in with payment.  You can also purchase the Adult Sports Pass through EZ Pay online.  Adult Senior Sports Passes are not available online.  All passes will be mailed out or can be picked up after August 1st.

Is all of the off-season “fun stuff” mandatory?

Nothing outside of the official season can be mandatory. You can try-out simply by showing up on the first day of try-outs. You should however, attend any pre-season meeting that a coach may have. You should also understand that off-season programs are designed to make you better. Don't think that just because you were the biggest and best 8th grader it will all come just as easy for you. High School is a time where people start to decide what they really "enjoy" and then work like crazy at it. We are a large school and coaches have to make many tough decisions.  Make sure they know who you are!

Where do I find summer training information?

On this website “hover” over Fall Sports, Winter Sports, or Spring Sports and then click the team name.  Their summer training schedules will be available along with contact information for the coach.

You may not participate in any off-season training/workouts, tryouts, or official practices at any time without Final Forms completed and an up to date physical turned in to the Athletic Office!

I want to do it the SAME TIME….can I?

YOU CAN'T!  Even though you may want to, sometimes, it will overlap. You can't be everywhere at one time. The key is communication. This is especially true in the summer.  Tell your coaches what the summer is like for you. Tell them what you are going to be able to do and what you are going to have to miss. The worst thing you can do is blow off your coach and then just act like it's no big deal. COMMUNICATION is the key. Everybody will respect that and look forward to working with you.

Where do I find sports camp information?

Go to or on this website click on  SPORTS CAMPS which links you to the camp website and you will find the most current camp information.

What are the Spirit Shop Hours?

The Spirit Shop is located off the Commons at OHHS is open at various days throughout the year which will be advertised on the school and athletic websites.