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Teri Egbers Varsity Head Coach more details

Teri Egbers is the Girls' Varsity Golf Coach.  She has been the head, varsity coach since 2016.   She was the Oak Hills Middle School Girls' golf coach for 4 years & the Bridgetown Middle School Boys' golf coach prior to moving to varsity. The goal of Oak Hills Girls Golf is to inspire young ladies to learn and enjoy the sport of golf and it's diverse athletic and emotional challenges and successes. Building comradery & self-esteem is foremost, while improving golf skills. Teri is an Oak Hills Alum who lives, works & coaches in Oak Hills. She is the counselor at Bridgetown Middle School.  She and her husband, Dan, have 4 children with diverse athletic talents in golf, soccer, lacrosse & cheerleading.

Teri  Egbers
Judy Hoehn JV Head Coach more details
Judy Hoehn